New Philippine training center prepares airline professionals to be passengers’ lifeline in the skies

One needs a lot more than good looks and a pleasing personality to succeed in the airline industry. Aside from providing discerning passengers with exceptional service, flight attendants and aviation crew are passengers’ lifeline in the skies. Their skills and their problem-solving abilities often spell life or death for passengers during emergency situations.

Philippine training center Tala Aviation Training Center provides only the highest standards of technical, service-oriented, and behavioral training that will spell success for aviation professionals and safety for their passengers. Founded by veteran airline and hospitality industry professionals with almost 30 years’ experience and thousands of students under their belts, this world-class Philippine training center offers specialized courses for undergraduates and airline professionals, including:

Flight Attendants’ Course, Flight Dispatchers’ Course, Dangerous Goods Seminar, as well as customized Team Building Workshops and Customer Service Workshops.

The classes offered by this training center in the Philippines combine classroom training, situational simulation, observation flights, and other hands-on methods to prepare its students for real-world experiences and emergency situations.

Aside from these courses, this Philippine training center also offers its students assistance in job placement to its wide network of local and foreign airlines.

Classes offered by this training center in the Philippines are held year-round for both individuals and company-sponsored participants, with the next Flight Attendants’ Course to commence on October 2, 2006.

To get more details about Tala Aviation Training Center’s programs and schedule, please call any of the following:

Ms. Myrna Lopez-Terol
Training Director
0918 596 58 77

Ms. Alma Cabagay
Marketing Director
0920 927 64 71

Ms. Charmaine Ling
Technical Officer
0917 904 15 79

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Welcome to Tala Training and Communications

Welcome to the official homepage of Tala Aviation Training Center, a Philippine training center for Filipinos seeking long and storied careers in the airline hospitality industry. This world-class Philippine training center offers first-class modular training in various aspects of the industry; graduates of the modules from this training center in the Philippines can expect impeccable training, comfortable training facilities, and improved communication skills, a triple-threat offering not given by other Philippine training centers.

Visit the Tala Aviation Training Center website regularly for updates on the latest modular offerings from this world-class Philippine training center, as well as industry news and tips.

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